Dr. Amer Kudi (Chiropractor)

Dr. Amer (Chiropractor) takes great pleasure in seeing his clients achieve their goals. Dr. Amer has been serving the health industry as a mentor, lecturer, soft-tissue therapist and movement coach.

Dr Amer has a keen interest in assisting his clients; he has a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic and a Diploma in Sports Kinesiology. He is also a Fellow of the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science.

Through a range of therapeutic techniques, he assists his clients with a range of issues including injury rehabilitation, postural misalignment, chronic and acute complaints.

Dr. Amer (Chiropractor) uses a number of modalities when assessing and treating his clients, is important to understand that any therapeutic work carried out during an assessment may include, but is not limited to a single modality.

Dr. Amer's goal is simple: to help you to bring your body into alignment and create an environment in which movement patterns can be restored.

Often these problems have occurred over time & the treatment process needs to address and retrain the body to move in alignment.


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